Backflow Testers

In the City of Dayton Backflow Testers who charge for their services are required to registered their businesses with the City of Dayton as per Dayton Municipal Code Section 3.3.

ALL Backflow testers are required to provide the following information:

  • A current CCB or LCB License
  • A copy of their current Tester Certification
  • A copy of their Gauge Accuracy Verification Form
  • Proof of Liability Insurance and/or Bond Information


If you are a Certified Backflow Tester and would like to be added to our Registered Backflow Tester List you can register your business by downloading a Business Registration Application form provided for you below and mail or bring it to:

     City of Dayton
     416 Ferry Street - PO Box 339
     Dayton OR 97114

For more information contact the City of Dayton at (503) 864-2221.