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7" x 9.5" 7" x 4.6' 3.33 x 9.5" 4.6" x 3.33" 3.33" x 4.6" 7" x 2.22" 2.3" x 1.67"

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Black & White $75 $40 $30 $15
Full Color (limited availability) $250 $125 $75 $25

  1. Email ferrystreetnews@ci.dayton.or.us or call 503-864-2221 to let Ricci Haworth, Newsletter Coordinator, know that you are interested in purchasing an ad. Ads are available only as room allows. 
  2. Ads must be paid for prior to publication.
  3. Ad copy is due by the 10th of the month. 
  4. Ads should be sent in either .doc, .docx, .jpg, or .png format.
  5. The larger the resolution the better for picture formats.
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