Urban Growth Boundary Informational 

Background: In June 2022, the City of Dayton and Yamhill County approved an Urban Growth Boundary Land Swap amendment, adding approximately 100 acres (shown in yellow) of land SW of the existing City limits to the UGB, and removing approximately 156 acres (shown in orange) of land North of Highway 18 from the UGB. The specific parcels included in the amendment are shown below:

Map of UGB Swap areas

As the proposed UGB amendment has been finalized, the City of Dayton has begun to receive questions related to potential development, associated public facility needs, and timeline. City planning and engineering staff have prepared the following information regarding potential future development in the area to be added to the UGB to aid property owners and potential developers in understanding City of Dayton development requirements.

Public Facility Needs:

Potential developers should note that anything beyond minor building permit applications will require the addition of the facilities listed below:

  1. A public sewer pump station will need to be constructed near the low point on Ash Road.
  2. A sewer force main will need to be constructed from the new pump station along Ash St., from Flower Lane to 5th Street.

The City estimates that the pump station and force main projects will cost between two and three million dollars to complete, making immediate development unviable. To address the identified public facility needs, the City will begin to evaluate funding mechanisms for the project. While the City has not yet begun an evaluation, one potential option is the establishment of a sewer reimbursement district, allowing potential developers to pay the City for their share of the improvement costs. It is likely that the City will begin more detailed discussions in 2023. Property owners should check with the City periodically to ensure they remain up to date.

Land use Requirements:

  • Any application for development will begin with a pre-application meeting with City Staff prior to annexation. At the pre-application meeting, City staff will inform potential applicants of application requirements and identify any potential concerns with the identified proposal.
  • Should interested property owners or developers choose to move forward, the second step in the process is the submittal of an annexation application. Properties annexed into the City of Dayton must be contiguous to the existing City Limits to receive approval. All annexations shall meet all criteria for annexation outlined in Section of the City of Dayton Land Use and Development Code.
  • Concurrent to a submitted annexation application, the applicant shall submit an application for a zone change. Property owners and potential applicants shall note that any development within the area added to the must be permitted residential uses.
  • Should the annexation and zone change applications be approved, the applicant may submit a development (subdivision, partition, and/or site development) application as needed.

Additional Questions: Staff recommends that any interested property owners or potential developers contact the City of Dayton directly for any questions not answered in this informational. Please call City Hall at 503-864-2221 for more information or to speak with City Planner Curt Fisher.