Palmer Creek Lodge Community Center

History, Acquisition, and Rehabilitation

  • The Palmer Creek Lodge, Dayton Community Center, was orginally built by the Masons in 1955 and was named the Jacob Meyer Masonic Lodge #108, after Jacob Meyer who held Grand Tresurer and Grand Master of Masons positions in Oregon for several years.  


    Jacob Mayer Masonic Lodge # 108

    Dayton members petitioned for charter in 1892 from the Grand Lodge of Oregon and a new charter was granted in 1893.  While waiting for their charter to be granted, a small group of Dayton Masons met in the home of Adam Kossman by the Yamhill River.  After receiving their charter, they rented the upper level of a building located in the 200 block of Ferry Street, in which there was a small grocery store in the lower half of the building.

    Needing more space, it was decided to build a lodge. Building of the new lodge was completely built by members of the Dayton Chapter of the Masons. Brother Schults purchased the land from the Dayton School Board in 1954 and on Saturday, April 2, 1955, the pouring of the first story of the cement structure was completed with help from the members of the local IOOF Lodge.  The cornerstone was placed and dedicated in a ceremony on May 7, 1955, and was attended by several Grand Lodge Officers from around Oregon.  In 1957, the lodge and the Eastern Star moved into the basement and held their meetings. Eventually meetings were held in the top story of the building, the actual date is not known.

    Jacob Mayer

    Jacob Mayer was initiated into the Perfect Union Lodge of San Francisco in 1852.  His membership transferred to the Willamette Lodge No. 2, of Portland after moving to Portland in 1857. He served as Grand Treasurer from 1881 to 1883 and Grand Master of Oregon in 1888.  During his service as Grand Master, the Masonic Lodge of Dayton was organized and later named the Jacob Mayer Lodge in recognition of his efforts and support of masonry.

    Other Mayer endeavors included serving as President of the Masonic Building Association, membership in the Portland Chamber of Commerce, the Board Trade, and the Oregon Historical Society. Mayer also organized Oregon Lodge No. 65, of which he was the first president and remained a member until his death on December 31, 1908.

    Jacob Mayer Masonic Lodge - SHPO Report December 2011

    Masonic Symbol
  • In November 2009, Dayton City Council and the City of Dayton purchased the Palmer Creek Lodge, located at 606 4th Street, as a future Community Center for City of Dayton residents. 

    Mayor Jolie White and City Manger Christy Ellis received notice on February 17, 2010, that the City of Dayton had been approved to receive an $800,000.00 grant from the Community Development Block Grant program. 

    On November 5, 2010, the City of Dayton posted Notice of Intent to request a release of funds for improvements to the new Community Center, located at 606 4th Street, Dayton, Oregon, including: renovated restrooms and meeting spaces, remodeling of portions of the structure, and ADA accessibility improvements to the structure and property.  On-site improvements to the parking lot, landscaping, lighting and utilities were also proposed.

    On August 18, 2010, the City of Dayton and the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office entered into a Memorandum of Agreement to mitigate the adverse impact of the remodel of the historic Jacob Mayer Masonic Lodge into the new Dayton Community Center.  The agreement provides that the City of Dayton will prepare an interpretive display to be featured in the Community Center. 

    For more information regarding the Community Center, contact the City of Dayton at (503) 864-2221 or stop by City Hall at 416 Ferry Street, Dayton Oregon.

    Community Development Block Grant Approval Letter February 17, 2010

  • Funding for the Dayton Community Center remodel was funded in part with a Community Development Block Grant from Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority.

    The City hired Boora Architects, Inc. from Portland, Oregon for design and construction management of the project and Nomarco, Inc. from Woodburn, Oregon was hired to complete the improvements.

    The Phase I remodel, completed in 2011, included the following:

    • Installation of a fire suppression system on both floors
    • Installation of an elevator and a new exit staircase from the second floor
    • Creation of a new main entrance/portico with redesign of entrance staircase to ensure ADA accessibility
    • Remodel of the existing first and second floor restrooms for ADA Accessibility
    • Replacement on the existing sheet metal roof and two original layers of composition roofing and installation of a new sheet metal roof
    • Replacement of all exterior windows
    • Replacement of all carpeting on first and second floors
    • Abatement of asbestos tile in the first floor kitchen and restrooms
    • Refinishing of the original wood floors in the upper auditorium
    • Installation of emergency backup lighting for the second floor
    • Remodel of the kitchen facilities, cabinetry, and wiring provision to install a commercial grade kitchen
    • On site improvements including a new parking lot with fifty parking spaces, and new landscaping and lighting


    On August 1, 2011 the Dayton City Council renamed the structure the Palmer Creek Lodge Dayton Community Center.  The City of Dayton held a grand opening for the new facility on September 26, 2011.

    The City intends to continue to pursue additional grant fund sources for additional improvements to the Community Center as funding permits and as needed.