Land Use and Planning Fees

The fees below are initial costs at the time of application for each respective land use action. Applicants will be responsible to pay the actual costs associated with processing their application should those costs run higher than the initial application fee. These costs include, but not limited to: time for initial review by staff, costs of required public notices, planner review, engineering and public works review and/or inspection, and legal services.
Annexation $1,500
Appeal of Planning Commission Decision $250
Appeal of Administrative Decision $250
Boundary/Lot Line Adjustment $300
Comprehensive Plan Amendment $1,500
Comprehensive Plan or Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment $1,500
Conditional Use Permit $1,850
Development Agreements $700
Historic Landmark Clearance/Building Alteration $100
Historic Landmark Notice of Delay No Fee
Manufactured Home Park $4,300
Multiple Applications 100% of most expensive + 50% of all others
Nonconforming Use $450
Partition - Major $1,300
Partition - Minor (Administrative) $1,250
Planned Development $4,000
Planned Development Amendment $300
Pre-Application Meeting No Fee
Reimbursement District $1,000
Restricted Development Review $500
Sign Permit - Exterior $100
Similar or Temporary Use Permit $450
Site Plan/Design Review $1,200
Subdivision $4,000 + $20 per lot
Time Extensions 50% of original application cost
Transcripts Actual cost of time to prepare
Urban Growth Boundary Amendment $2,100
Variance - Major $700
Variance - Minor (Administrative) $350
Zone Change $2,000

Please note that the city cannot scan or duplicate paper copies that are larger than 11"x17." We are happy to accept maps and drawings electronically. Please ask for the email address to mail to at the time of your application. Thank you.