Code Compliance

Code Compliance is the part of the City that works with residents and businesses of Dayton to promote awareness and encourage compliance of the Municipal Code.  Our focus is to help residents identify possible code compliance issues and to help assist in solutions to correct those issues.

  • Notice of Violation:  In most cases Code Compliance personnel first provides the person responsible for the code violation with the opportunity to voluntarily correct the problem.  We notify the responsible party of the violation by mail to make them aware of the problem and ask them to address the issue. 


    Citation:  When the responsible party does not voluntarily correct the code violation, a Code Violation Citation can be issued by either the Code Compliance Officer or by a Yamhill County Deputy.  Fine Amounts are as follows:

    • Class A Violation is $500.00 per day per each violation
    • Class B Violation is $250.00 per day per each violation
    • Class C Violation is $100.00 per day per each violation
    • Land Use and Planning Violations are subject to a $500.00 fine


    Nuisance Abatement:  If the nuisance continues to go uncorrected then the City may choose to abate the nuisance.  Abatement begins with a notice that is posted on the property where the nuisance exists.  The notices will direct the property owner or person responsible for the nuisance to correct the nuisance.  If the property owner or responsible party does not correct the problem within the time specified on the notice the City will correct the problem and bill the responsible party for the costs.  Liens may be placed upon real property to secure repayment to the taxpayers for the costs expended by the City to abate the nuisance.

  • Code Compliance Services are located in Dayton City Hall, and are available to serve you from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday (closed 12:00-1:00 p.m.).  Code Enforcement is a resource to help you resolve code violations in your neighborhood.  To report Code Violations contact the City of Dayton at 503-864-2221, or fill out this form online. Complaints involving racial or gender discrimination will see no response.


    In order to investigate your complaint, we will need to have the following  information:

    • A clear description of the possible violation
    • The full address where the code violation is occurring
    • If the violation includes a vehicle, a description of the vehicle including color, make, model and license plate number with expiration date.
    • If possible, name of violator


    Your name and number is not a requirement, however if you choose to give your information, it will be kept confidential.