Application for Consideration for Appointment to
Dayton Planning Commission
The City of Dayton Planning Commission is a 5-member, non-paid volunteer committee appointed by the Dayton City Council. The composition, roles and responsibilities are outlined in Section 1.09 of the Dayton Municipal Code. Please note additional requirements may apply.

Term of Appointment: TBD to December 31, 2026

Qualifications for Candidates: Must be 18 years of age. See Section 1.09.00 of the Dayton Municipal Code for more information regarding Dayton Planning Commission requirements.

Deadline for Applications: Until vacancy is filled

Submit Applications to: PO Box 339, Dayton OR 97114 or via online form                                                     

If You Have Questions Contact: Cyndi Park at

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Current Occupation:
Please provide a brief description of your education, work or volunteer experience, skills, or interests that you feel would be useful as a member of the Planning Commission?
Why do you want to serve as a member of the Commission?
What is your vision for the City of Dayton in 5 years?
What is your vision for the City of Dayton in 20 years?
What steps do you feel need to be taken by local leaders, city staff, and community members to achieve these visions?

Please click here to review the Planning Commission section of Dayton's Municipal Code.

Planning Commission meetings are normally held in the City Hall Annex at 6:30PM on the second Thursday of the month. Meetings are held on an as-needed basis, depending on land use applications, code amendments and other applications requiring Commission review. Occasionally work sessions or public hearings with the City Council, Historic Preservation Committee, or Yamhill County Board of Commissioners may occur with ample notice to Commissioners and attendees. 

By typing my name below, I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and have read the additional requirements to which my application may be subject as set forth in Section 1.09.01(B) of the Dayton Municipal Code. Thank you for applying.