City Councilor - Luke Wildhaber

Councilor Wildhaber was elected to serve a 4-year term that will expire 12/31/2026, and can be reached via email here

Name Luke P. Wildhaber Position Councilor Length of time in office: <1 year How long have you lived in Dayton? Outside city limits for 26 years, inside city limits for 2 years Where were you born? Portland, OR Educational Background: Dayton High School Class of 2013, High School Diploma
Purdue University, Bachelors of Science - Agricultural Sales and Marketing
Career Background: Harvest Capital Company, Investment Analyst 2016-2020
Verdesian Life Sciences, Territory Account Manager - 2020-Present
What do you love most about Dayton? The City of Dayton and surrounding area's community is what makes Dayton a place people want to be a part of. I personally enjoy the town's agricultural roots and how that has influenced and educated many of our community members about the role agriculturalists play in our daily lives. Do you have a particular area or passion regarding your work on the City Council? Continue to build upon the work that has been done by the previous city officials and volunteers to ensure Dayton maintains relevance on the map. My goal is to do this without sacrificing our rural community values and find ways to embrace the growth rather than ignore it. Who inspires you to be better? Individuals that consistently raise the bar and deliver more than what is anticipated without seeking recognition. What is the last adventure you went on? Fishing in Alaska on the Kenai River in November. Yes..... It was cold. If you were given 10 million dollars to spend on Dayton, how would you spend it? With restrictions not taken into consideration, here are a few categories I would divide the money across: Category #1 - Ensure City of Dayton infrastructure (Sewer, water, roads, etc) is up to current standards and has capacity to handle 25-50% more load than it does now. It isn't wise to build a million dollar house on a ten dollar foundation. This likely could consume all 10 million. Category #2 - Business Builder Incentive: Help support new/existing businesses thrive in our town. - Category #3 - Community Engagement, both youth and adult options. Much of this work is already being done, however an increase in funding options would allow for more opportunities and reach a larger audience. Dayton spreads far beyond the city limits on a map. My goal would be to have the expenditures impact and benefit everyone that falls under our 97114 zip code.