City Councilor - Kitty Mackin
City Councilor Kitty Mackin

Councilor Mackin was elected to serve a 4-year term that will expire 12/31/2024, and can be reached via email here

Kitty Mackin

Length of time in office:
First term, third year.

How long have you lived in Dayton?
21 years

Where were you born?
Oakland, CA

Educational Background:
BS Degree in Accounting

Career Background:
Was paid to keep the books for companies for roughly 20 years. After arriving in Dayton, I helped with the other kinds of books, by working with the library and the grade school reading programs.

What do you love most about Dayton?
It is my home. I've been welcomed here like no other place I have ever lived.

Do you have a particular area or passion regarding your work on the City Council?
First comes the library. Second is ADA issues. More awareness is needed as the population grows, and some of them age.

Who inspires you to be better?
The children I worked with in the reading programs. Many of them grew into intelligent and passionate adults, and they are still my friends.

What is the last adventure you went on?
Every time I go out *clowning* around is an adventure for me.

If you were given 10 million dollars to spend on Dayton, how would you spend it?
Build a new library and create the fund that would keep it running for at least 100 years. Anything left could go to paving roads.